Lent 2021: Empathy In Action

What does empathy have to do with Lent? Well, everything! As a season of growth and self-examination, Lent is a time when we face the brokenness and pain in our own lives and in the world. We don’t do this to be gloom and doom. We do this because Jesus pours love into the broken places. In Lent, we receive that love, and the strength to share that love with others.

So much of the brokenness in our lives and in the world comes from a failure of empathy. A lack of ability to meet ourselves and others with the love and dignity we all deserve. This Lent, let’s grow in empathy together, following Jesus’ example.

How Do I Join?

Due to COVID-19, all worship services are held remotely via Zoom.

The Zoom service is streamed on Facebook Live as well.

You can join via computer or by phone. Everything you need to join worship is on our home page.

Scripture Texts for each Sunday

What is Lent?

Lent is a Christian season of self-examination lasting the 6 weeks leading up to Easter.  The season moves on the calendar from year to year based on the spring equinox, celebrating the increasingly longer days of the year.  As a reminder for Christians to look to God rather than physical things for their wholeness, some take on the practice of giving something up for Lent. It has also become popular to not only give something up but to add a practice during Lent, like going to church regularly or adding a daily prayer time. Whether doing both or neither of these practices, the purpose of the season is to focus on growing in your relationship to God, self, and others.