Lyonsville Cemetery

Although the cemetery is located behind Lyonsville Congregational Church and shares the name, the two are entirely separate entities and the cemetery is non-denominational (i.e. not restricted to any particular or specific religious denomination, such as Congregational). It is a not-for-profit venture run by a volunteer board: The Lyonsville Cemetery Association. Everyone is welcome at Lyonsville Cemetery!

The Lyonsville Cemetery Association can be contacted at  Or,
Lyonsville Cemetery
6871 Joliet Rd.
Indian Head Park, IL 60525

We are a nondenominational cemetery, and all are welcome!  We are a not-for-profit organization, run by a volunteer board.  We encourage you to join us at an upcoming board meeting.  Whether you have a loved one interred at Lyonsville, would like to know more about or become involved with preservation efforts, or are simply interested in the history of the cemetery, we extend an invitation to all to attend any of our board meetings.

2021 Board Meeting Schedule
(all meetings begin at 7:00 pm)

Tuesday, February 9 th
Tuesday, May 11 th
Tuesday, August 10th
Tuesday, November 9 th

As meeting dates and location sometime change, please send us an email regarding your interest in attending so we can provide you with the location of the meeting and keep you aware of any changes. Due to the coronavirus, face masks are required.

Lyonsville Cemetery is a cemetery in the midst of suburbia that continues to maintain the look and nostalgic feel of a rural cemetery. The cemetery is rich in local history with the first burial taking place in 1833. Many of the area’s founding families are buried here and it is the final resting place of veterans of every U.S. conflict from the War of 1812 through Viet Nam.


Grave plots are still available at Lyonsville.  They can be purchased individually or in adjacent multiples.

The cost to purchase a single plot is currently $850.  A single plot may contain one full body burial, a combination of a full body burial and an ash inurnment, or two ash inurnments.  Full body burials are arranged in conjunction with funeral homes. The Cemetery charges $1,100 to open and close a grave for a full body burial and $400 to open and close a grave for an ash burial.

There is also a specially-designated section for Ash Burials (Lot 307).  In this section an $800 fee includes space for two ash inurnments and the charge for opening and closing a grave in this lot is $400 per burial.  Please note that all burial pricing is subject to change dependent upon weather conditions.

LyonsvilleCemetery  does not permit “green burials”.


Since this is our only opportunity to communicate with the majority of you, we’d like to remind you of the following:
  • Do not drive off the designated roadways within the cemetery.  We recognize the possibility that another vehicle could potentially block your path.  Please ask the other driver to move their vehicle rather than driving around it.  There are very old unmarked graves near the roadways and they can easily collapse under the weight of even the smallest car.
  • Limit plantings to annuals or perennials that are not invasive or spread.  Plants such as hostas spread outside the immediate gravesite where they were planted and create grounds keeping issues.  The Cemetery Board has the right to remove plants and bushes that are overgrown or aggressive to the headstone and/or grave.
  • The cemetery provides hoses and watering cans at the watering stations.  Please make certain to turn off the water after using it and take any jugs or containers you might have brought with you as you leave.
  • We ask that you do not bring flowers in vases containing water to avoid mosquito infestation.
  • If you visit with a canine companion, please pick up after them.
  • Benches – At this time, the Cemetery Board has decided that we are not adding additional benches to the cemetery.
  • REMEMBER:  Artificial flowers and other decorations are removed from the cemetery by December 1st of each year.  Christmas wreaths and decorations are removed February 1st.  If you wish to reuse your Christmas decorations but cannot remove them by that date, please email  to make other arrangements.

To reach a member of the Cemetery Board, please email If the need is urgent, please call Judy Birmingham at 630-325-3208 or Michael Belletete at 630-455-6170. Thank you.

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