Giving to Lyonsville

Options For Financial Contributions

  1. Mail your contribution to 6871 Joliet Road, Indian Head Park IL 60525.
  2. Text the amount you wish to give to 833-701-0309.
  3. Donate online with a bank account or credit card
  4. Setting up a recurring online gift is a convenient way to provide consistent financial support to the church. Your bank may be able to do this for you, you can set it up online here, or you can print and mail an authorization form to the church office.

Stewardship 2021

Click here for details on our 2021 Stewardship Campaign.

Electronic Giving Details

Our electronic giving program provides convenience for you and much-needed donation consistency for our congregation. Collection basket offerings can fluctuate significantly from week to week due to travel, illness and other circumstances, but when contributions are automated, the church receives funds on a steady, uninterrupted basis. There are three options for automating your giving. Just pick the one that works best for you!

  1. You can enroll in a regular electronic donation program online or by completing a  paper authorization form and returning it to the church office.
  2. Text the amount you want to give to 833-701-0309 and then follow the prompts to make it a recurring donation.
  3. You can also inquire at your bank about options for sending regular donations to Lyonsville. Many banks offer this as a free option. 

“Stewardship? Pledging? What’s that?”

Members of Lyonsville Church are expected to support our shared work together with their prayers, presence, gifts, and service. Part of this support is financial and most of our active members make a commitment each year to pledge a certain amount. That pledge helps our church leaders create an annual budget. This process of pondering our pledges and being encouraged to pray and carefully consider what we can each contribute typically happens in the fall each year and we call it the Stewardship Campaign. We’ve put together a set of FAQs about Giving to help you understand more about this process.