FAQs about Giving

What is a “pledge?”

Basically, it’s a commitment. You’re saying, “This is what I think I can give every month to help make this place that I love continue to bear Christ’s light.” On November 22nd, we celebrate and bless our pledges, asking God to help us uphold our commitment and to use the gifts we give for the betterment of the world.

How much should I pledge?

This is a very personal decision. The traditional answer is 10% of your income. For some, that is way too hard right now. But even if you start with some lower percentage now, you can work up to it as you see how good it feels to give more. Basically, if it feels like you’re stretching a bit and depending on God to guide you, you’re on the right track.

I like to give when I feel like it. I don’t want to make a commitment.

We understand. Believe us, we get it. We also know that giving is a spiritual discipline, and when you pledge, you feel more ownership and empowerment to be part of the church. We get the hesitation, but our experience is that when we give regularly, it changes US (for the better!).

How does pledging help the church?

Pledges help your church leaders make a plan for our ministry together in the coming year. We can act with more confidence if we know what’s likely to come in. Giving by automatic withdrawal helps even more, because we know it will be regular and dependable.

I can barely survive on the money I’m making. How can I still participate?

A pledge can be a very small amount if it’s what you can do. A pledge can also be a promise of service. Perhaps you can consider a way to stretch yourself in that way. Either way, if it helps you practice generosity, it’s a spiritual win.

Can I give if I don’t use cash or checks?
Yes! We can do electronic giving with debit cards, credit cards, and bank accounts. More information on that is here.