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Volunteer Opportunities

Here are some upcoming mission opportunities you can help with:

Please come join us to help volunteer at the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD) on Saturday, March 16 from 8:30am to11:15. We will meet at church to carpool at 7:45. We also go every Wednesday from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. (meet to carpool at 5:15). The GCFD, Chicago’s food bank, is a non-profit food distribution and training center providing food for hungry people. The Food Depository distributes donated and purchased food through a network of 650 pantries, soup kitchens and shelters to 678,000 adults and children in Cook County every year. They rely heavily on their volunteers to help repack bulk products, assemble boxes with assorted food, check expiration dates, glean produce, etc. Participants must be at least 14 years old. For more information go to or see/call Cindi Fiandaca or Judy Birmingham to sign up.

Do you enjoy making repairs, painting, gardening, or other building & grounds work? The Building and Grounds Ministry Board would love to hear from you, and help match the work you enjoy doing with our needs at Lyonsville. Reach out to board chair Tom McSweeney to let us know how you’d like to contribute.

Beginning in January 2019 the food pantry will only be open on the last Sunday of the month. The hours will be 11:45—12:30pm. We would like to have two or three people there to help assists our guests/visitors during this time.

We are looking for people who can serve as Sunday Greeters and/or Coffee Hour Hosts. If you can help, please sign up on the sheets in the Fellowship Hall or contact Sherry Suomi.




January 27, 2019 Sermon

“A Backwards Sermon”                                                                                            Matthew 5:1-16
Rev. Sean Weston                                                                                                                           
Lyonsville Congregational UCC, Indian Head Park IL
January 27, 2019

Hear these words of blessing from the gospel of business-as-usual:

Blessed are the rich, in things and in self-assurance

Blessed are those untouched by loss.

Blessed are the powerful.

Blessed are those who are “realistic” about righteousness, compromising at every turn.

Blessed are those who demand and exact an eye for an eye.

Blessed are the crafty and opportunistic.

Blessed are those bold enough to make war.

Blessed are those who receive many accolades for doing good things. Blessed are those who are widely praised and adored for following Jesus. Continue reading

Video: Scripture and Sermon for January 20

Per the announcement below, worship and all other activities will not be held on Sunday, January 20.

From Pastor Sean: The snow and cold may be keeping us from worshiping together in the same place today, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a worshipful morning. I’ve recorded a video of the scripture and sermon that would have been shared in today’s worship service. Click below to watch.

Worship and Activities Cancelled January 20

Due to current and forecasted weather conditions, worship and all activities tomorrow, January 20th, have been cancelled.

Per our bylaws, this decision was made by myself and our Moderator, Doug Adams, after reviewing road conditions and weather forecasts. We also consulted with Wilma Mrazek, chair of Worship & Spiritual Growth, and Lauren McSweeney, Assistant Moderator. These are always challenging decisions, but after weighing all of the factors we wanted to make a decision that ensured the safety of each person in our community of faith.

After all, though I will miss seeing you, God surely does not wish us to risk hurting ourselves or others in order to participate in worship tomorrow. I will be sending a video and text copy of my sermon tomorrow morning (and posting on Facebook and our website) for those who want the chance to hear the scripture and sermon that was planned.

A call tree is being organized to notify active worshipers, but please make sure your friends know not to come tomorrow.

I encourage you to mark Sabbath tomorrow by sleeping in a bit, having some coffee or tea, and considering tuning into the sermon.


January 13, 2019 Sermon

“In The Water with Jesus”                                                                                           Matthew 3:1-17
Rev. Sean Weston                                                                                                                           
Lyonsville Congregational UCC, Indian Head Park IL
January 13, 2019

John the Baptist was all about making things right in the world. Like many poor desert dwellers, then-and-now, he lived on a diet of locusts and wild honey. He wore strange clothes and he was loud and he would be glad to tell you everything you were doing wrong. In fact, he did just that when the religious leaders made the journey to see just what he was up to. “Don’t think that just because you’re from the right group that everything is fine for you. It takes more than being in the right place to be okay with God.”

John was freaking out the authority figures because he was drawing crowds of people who were very, very unhappy. They wanted change, and John had a message for them: “repent!” To repent, as the Common English Bible translates, is to change your hearts and lives. But the authorities didn’t want the people to change, because when people change other stuff starts changing too. As the crowds grew, those in power got more and more on edge. To the present day, tyrants always start sweating when crowds gather. Eventually John would pay for his preaching and baptizing with his life – executed by the government. Continue reading