January 17 Sermon

No, you did not miss a sermon – nor did I forget to mail it to you!
Last week (17 January) was a cold & snowy day. We had only about 20 people in worship – that includes the choir!
So I asked the choir to come down and sit in the sanctuary. I asked everyone to sit on one side together. I set aside my written sermon and instead we talked.
The scripture was John 2:1-11, the wedding where Jesus turns water into wine.
Earlier in the week I had received some paperwork that incorrectly listed my place of employment as “Winesville Congregational Church.” As I corrected it to “Lyonsville” I mused to myself that I might like to be part of “Winesville Church.” Then I remembered the scripture lesson was Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding.
So I asked people to name the bible stories where water is important. I then asked what is the symbolic importance of water. Life. Stability. Change (because in the Hebrew Scriptures water can also be a symbol of chaos).
We then did the same with wine. We had fewer stories to name, but wine symbolizes Celebration. Covenant. Promise.
What does it mean to be transformed from stability and sustainability but also change into celebrations of covenant?
Because the sermon was not written, it cannot be mailed to you – and I’m planning to save the written sermon for another day!

Click to view this week's bulletin

Click to view this week’s bulletin