October 23 Sermon

So You Thought Stewardship Was Done?
A reflection by Rev. Dr. Thom Bower
For October 23, 2016, the30th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Based on Luke 18:9-14

Jesus contrasts two characters in this parable. Tax collectors were the ultimate outsiders. They were collaborators with the Romans and because of their frequent contact with Gentiles were very often ritually unclean and therefore frequently unable to participate in temple worship. The Pharisees, on the other hand, dedicated themselves to the purity laws and temple worship.

Last week we collected and dedicated pledge cards. But that’s that the end of stewardship: stewardship is so much more than a few weeks each fall. Stewardship is how we use any and all of our resources in service to the church to promote God’s realm of love, justice, mercy, and grace.

Stewardship is how we use our church building and land. Stewardship is how we use our homes and business places. Stewardship is how we use our automobiles and bicycles. Stewardship is how we use our computers and cell phones. Stewardship is how we talk to one another. Stewardship is how we greet one another. Stewardship is how we challenge one another.

Stewardship is how we pool our resources for the good of all. Stewardship is how we work together. Stewardship is how we invite others to work alongside us. Stewardship is how we worship. Stewardship is how we invite others to worship with us. (In worship, a video about inviting others to church was played. You can see it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzrP1DNd0L0 ).

Stewardship is how we imagine the church should be. Stewardship is how we make decisions together, which means stewardship is how we conduct our politics. Stewardship is how we vote and, perhaps more significantly this year, Stewardship is how we talk about politics. A colleague from seminary[1] has been preaching a series “How to be non-toxic in a toxic election year.” I wish I thought of that. Continue reading

The Good News for November

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Upcoming Events

Below is a list of some upcoming events that we will be hosting or participating in. We would love to have you join us!

For details about any of these events, contact the church office.

Fall Bible Study
Wednesdays starting October 12, 7-8:30
Advent is a season of preparation, and we’re going to prepare for Advent!
We’ll be reading the nativity stories, one gospel per week. Then we’ll be looking at how each gospel portrays John the Baptist. Here’s the schedule of scriptures we’ll be looking at:
2 Nov          Matthew 3:1-12; 11:2-11; 14:1-13
9 Nov          Luke 1:1-25, 39-43, 67-80; 3:1-20; 9:7-9
16 Nov          John 1:6-8, 15, 19-42; 3:22-35; 4:1-3; 5:31-36

Our next Congregational Gathering is scheduled for October 30 after worship.

Saturday, November 12
5:00-7:00 p.m.
Adults $17.00,  Children ages 5-12 $12.00,  Children 4 and under FREE
Carry Out available. Invite your friends and family.
You may purchase tickets from Wilma Mrazek or the church office   (708-246-1255).   We kindly ask that you purchase your tickets in advance of the dinner so that we order the appropriate amount of food.  Please signup to help.
Be sure to get a raffle ticket too!

50/50 Cash Raffle Pre Sales – 50/50 Cash Raffle tickets will be available for purchase prior to the night of the Turkey Dinner.  One raffle ticket costs $5.00 or 5 tickets for $20.00.  If you are interested in purchasing or selling tickets to your friends and family, please contact Judy Birmingham.  She will provide the tickets to you.  We are asking that you pay for the tickets ahead of time at the five dollar ticket price.  If you end up being unable to sell all the tickets, just return them and we will refund your money, or if you sell tickets in the discounted groups of five, we will refund the discount to you.

Harvest Home Dinner Raffle Table – We are collecting new or like-new items for the raffle table. The items may be raffled off separately or used as part of a gift basket. If you would like to put a gift basket together, please let Judy know.  All donations are greatly appreciated.  Please see Judy Birmingham if you have items to donate or questions.

It is time to start recruiting for the 2017 slate of officers and board/committee members. There are many vacancies on all boards and we may find more as we confirm continuing positions for next year. The nominating committee will be contacting people to fill and confirm these slots. If you have a particular interest, skill or gift for any of these positions, please contact Wilma Mrazek or Jan Peters. Please refer to the 2016 slate, which was recently mailed, for a list of  positions. Wilma and Jan can answer any questions you may have regarding duties/responsibilities for any of the boards. Please think about volunteering. We need your participation to “Be the Church”!
Your Nominating Committee,
Wilma and Jan

Pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House
We are collecting pop tabs to take to the Ronald McDonald House.  We will have a collection container located in the fellowship hall. If you have any questions please see Cindi Fiandaca.

Box Tops for Education
We are also collecting Box Tops for Education to give to Byrne School.  Collecting Box Tops is an easy way for schools to earn cash.  It’s easy to find Box Tops (a list will be by the collection box). In fact, you may have some in your home right now.  All you have to do is clip the Box Tops from your favorite products and put them in the collection container located in the fellowship hall.  If you have any questions please see a member of the Mission Board.

Community Nurse Collection
New onesies, new receiving blankets, baby hats, bandages designed for children, and small, soft animals (e.g. Beanie Babies) are being collected.
Please bring donations to church.



Volunteer Opportunities

Here are some upcoming mission opportunities you can help with:

Lyonsville Church Food Pantry: Come and help out at our own food pantry.  The pantry is open on Sundays from 11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.  We would like to have 2 people there to help our guests/visitors during this time.  Volunteers help restock any donated food, and bag up food for guests.  If you would like to donate food, we have a current need for canned meat products (tuna and chicken), and paper products.  Contact the church office if you would like to help.  Donated food can be dropped off while the pantry is open, or contact the church office.

We are looking for people who can serve as Sunday Greeters and/or Coffee Hour Hosts. If you can help, please sign up on the sheets in the Fellowship Hall or contact Sherry Suomi.